Some of the new builds for Halloween this year include a brick tomb, a witch mirror, a new scarecrow, and a large backdrop projection.

Bricked-Up Crypt

Progress: Completed

What graveyard would be complete without a walled-up inhabitant? Thought I'd try to reproduce the bricklayer tomb from the Haunted Mansion to add a bit more substance to the front yard display.

Revenant bricking itself up in more Colin Campbell greatness!

It's just painted foam details on a plywood backing with a skeleton arm. Because it will only be viewed from a narrow angle, it only consists of two pieces - a front and one side.

Ready for the cemetery.

Witch Mirror

Progress: 50%

To complement the witch's area of our yard haunt, I'm putting together an upright "magic mirror" that will use a TV as the mirror's surface. The mirror will show malevolent spirits trapped within.

Something like this mock-up

The TV will have a plywood surround and stand to make it look like a large (5' tall) mirror. The video is from AtmosFX.

Backdrop Projection

Progress: In development

This year, I'm going to try a large-scale projected backdrop for the side of the house to give the illusion of a graveyard scene extending beyond the house.

Spectral Illusion's Ghosts in the Graveyard clip

A 15'x12' seamless canvas by the side of the house will form the screen.


Progress: Completed

I built another Pumpkinrot-inspired scarecrow to replace our Pumpkin King, which didn't survive Hurricane Florence. This one uses a poseable, plastic skeleton as the core of the body. Sprayed and wiped off paint helped to achieve a better look, and I replaced the arm bones with the legs to make longer, creepier arms. The hands I had to build from scratch using wood, sticks, and wire. Lots of added vines complete the effect. Credit for the inspiration and the specific design of the jack o' lantern head goes entirely to Pumpkinrot.

Just awaiting some lighting effects.

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